Graffiti in Melbourne city. Victoria, Australia.

Earlier this month i was in Melbourne. I’ve developed a sort of routine as to how i do things when in the city, that being… a whole lot of chilling, nibbling, tv watching, sleeping and waking up to do it all over again. Don’t judge! O, there is a very beautiful park close to the hotel where i leisurely walk every now and then, and when in the mood i sometimes extend my walk into the city not too far away.

I consider it ‘me time’ every time i visit. One of those trips where it is okay to take some time out from intense exploring and just take life easy. Plus i’ve made peace with the fact that i don’t regulate too well in time zones on the extreme east of the Greenwich. It takes time for me to settle in and unfortunately just as that starts to happen, I find myself having to pack up and leave. I enjoy my Melbourne trips irrespective, I’m not complaining.

Christmas decorations filled the streets this time and it dawned on me just how fast the year had gone by. Festivities had already began in the city. I stopped by a concert at the National Gallery of Victoria near Flinders street railway station, a huge landmark in the area and later on went strolling back to the hotel. That’s when i discovered a street full of graffiti that had loads of people streaming in. I thought it would be the regular type of scene as there is a lot of that sort of expressionism in the city, it was different and i liked it.

  • waiting for the elevator at the hotel is always such a pleasure, the view out the window keeps me pre occupied

  • thirty minutes later and i was in the city

  • approaching the National Gallery of Victoria. the air was so fresh and so clean, that transition from spring to summer

  • happy face, happy days

  • i really liked this. it stood out

  • another one of my favorites. that mask stuck on the wall was so random, ha! how creative

  • i thought it was just a street, it turned out to be a whole block covered in graffiti, loved it

  • what can i say.. breathtaking isn't it! I didn't want to leave the scene

  • 'me time' stroll..

  • serene

  • it was good Melbourne.

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  • Reply Wesley Mbugua December 29, 2015 at 8:30 am

    The park scenery looks amazing. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas in Melbourne

    • Reply Wairimu January 3, 2016 at 12:36 pm

      Heeeeey Wes 😀 it is an amazing park. And yes i did enjoy my Christmas, however i was in Hong Kong, not Melbourne. But that is a story for another day. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas too. Happy New Year to you :)

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