Sunny afternoon wandering about Seattle. Washington State, United states.

This is a place i would visit over and over and over again. The vibe i get from this city… bliss. Seattle is a beautiful city on hilly ground. “It hardly shines here you know!” the locals told me. Five days of summer and that is it for this year they predicted. “Five days only!” i wondered. Might have been exaggerated but hey, how about that for being at the right place at the right time huh! I love sunny days and the days i had in this gem of a city were sunny indeed.

I felt such relief when the plane landed. After five years of constantly traveling you would think i would be able to handle such lengthy flights by now! smh!

When I first visited it was cold and dull, windy and rainy that it took so much effort to get about. I don’t think I took my hands out my pockets for anything while I toured at that time. This time I couldn’t help but smile to myself with every twist and turn I took, every hill I went up and every steep road I walked down. The reflection of the sun on the sea, the beautiful multicolored flowers everywhere, the arts and crafts that surrounded every step of my way.. all these simple things made the first day of my trip so fulfilled. Strolling through parts of the sun kissed city made life feel so dainty.

First, i walked down to the central waterfront at Elliott bay which was so alive with countless numbers of fancy little restaurants everywhere. Stopped for a bite as usual then stepped into a souvenir shop. As i was paying for my magnet, i asked the cashier for directions to the gum wall which i had been told was a must see. He advised that i buy some chewing gum before heading there but i wasn’t too keen on it. O how i wish i bought that gum..sigh! It would have been so cool to leave a mark on that wall too ha! I was fascinated. Who comes up with these things anyway! That was a different and nice-ish experience. Later i strolled to where my feet led and i certainly did not get bored.

  • it was such a beautiful afternoon, i was ecstatic

  • love at first site and sight.. hehe

  • i was already in a good mood. this place got me in a fantastic mood

  • spotted the wheel from a distance. maybe next time if i'm patient enough i'll take a spin

  • this is just a fraction of the Elliott bay skyline. it goes on and on and on..

  • being such a seafood lover i went straight in

  • then got my souvenirs soon after

  • went to the dock where the wheel was, the scene of the ocean from there was breathtaking

  • after two or so hours it was time to leave the bay

  • was so tempted to jump in and cool off

  • creative ya!

  • en route to the Post Alley.. to the heart of the gum wall

  • looked up for a minute.. i'm glad i did

  • ha! and there it was. let's just call it contemporary art..

  • fresh saliva, stale salive and bubble gum.. that's all im saying. i tried not to let my thoughts wonder into what things could have possibly been living in the vicinity

  • there were still a few more hours of sun to go. it didn't get dark till 9pm, so i went on with my stroll

  • i loved walking along this avenue the most. it was like a set from a movie scene

  • stumbled upon this cozy looking bookshop. spent only a little time in then had to leave as i was so far off from the hotel

  • my stroll back was just as scenic. it was certainly a wonderful afternoon out in the city.

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  • Reply Anonymous November 27, 2015 at 3:24 pm

    Did you go to the aquarium and pike place market? seattle is beautiful.

    • Reply Wairimu November 28, 2015 at 6:34 pm

      Hey there Anonymous :) yes yes I went to pike place market. I loved the crafts I saw there. I walked passed the aquarium afew times but didn’t go in. Now that you mentioned it, you must be talking from experience so it must be good to see. Next time i’ll go in, thanks for that. Indeed Seattle is beautiful

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