A glimpse of Seychelles, Africa.

No matter how short my visits to Seychelles usually are, it is one place i can never get enough of.. for real. As i type in nostalgia I feel all jelly like inside. It always feels like everyone on the island is on holiday, even the airport itself feels like something out of a fantasy holiday book. It’s an open-air port, tiny and with its check in stands built outdoors and surrounded by coconut trees.

The island is small and cute and has such a rustic feel to it. I really hope it stays that way for years to come as it’s such a great escape from all the hustle and bustle of city life. Everyone is so warm, cordial and relaxed.. the epitome of island life.

On my first visit, en-route to the hotel, i inquired from the driver how long it would take to drive from one end of the island to the other and guess what, “just about three hours” he said. I immediately added that to my list of things to do on future visits.

The resort i was headed to at that time was an hour away and I was certainly entertained by a long scenic drive. It was early morn and the suns rays were tapping down so gloriously as though leading the way amidst dense thicket that was up and down the hilly road. Every time i opened my window i could hear birds chirping and singing. I spent most of my first trip by the beach living the island dream under a palm tree.

On a different visit i stayed at a hotel closer to the city and decided to head down to the capital, Victoria. I took the local bus for a more authentic feel and loved the simplicity of it. Victoria, like any other town is full of little shops and a lot of young people around. But typical of the island scene, there was not too much to do there so after walking around for a bit, i had some early dinner with a friend and off i went back to the hotel for some good old chill therapy.

  • woke up at midday to such breathtaking scenery..

  • had brunch by the pool

  • and i was ready to go to town. the heat though.. my word!

  • a cooling walk through the hotel compound

  • led to more beautiful scenery.

  • got to the bus stand fifteen minutes away which had such a lovely neighborhood around

  • and later i was in the city not too far away where i thoroughly enjoyed finding my way around.

  • bumped into a fishermans stand along the way. he was such a jovial guy and proud of his catch of the day

  • then went back to the hotel by dusk. it was another lovely day out.

  • Mersi Seychelles.

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