In and around Nice, France & a peep into Monte Carlo, Monaco. Europe.

I had the pleasure of re-visiting France and visiting Monaco for the first time recently. Meehn, soo much to do.. such little time. Sometimes i wish some days had seventy hours! sigh. I love the sun.. truly, sunny days are happy days. So talk about being at the right place at the right time for my sun kissed summer days in Monte Carlo and Nice, to say the least, were full of bliss.

There is so much character to the beautiful cities and their horizons, there is so much life going on. I love visiting places that feel as though everyone around is on holiday. No rush, flipflops and bright floral prints by the sea, lots of cotton candy and ice cream, whiffs of enchanting summer breeze by the beach and all other cool things that summer brings.

My day started with a drive around Nice. Stopped to enjoy some of the sights that were a must see then proceeded to Monaco where yachts, flashy cars and all sorts of expensive things filled the scene. I barely had enough time to take it all in, but i can certainly say Nice and Monaco are at the top of the most fascinating places i have ever been.

  • just what i needed to start my day. view overlooking the French Riviera

  • within no time i was in the heart of the old town. beautiful colors, ancient builds.. loved it

  • got my magnet and some gelato ice cream and wandered around for a bit

  • got the to Promenade des Anglais. i tell ya, summer is a wonderful thing. thoroughly enjoyed my surroundings

  • well, after some time it got a bit too hot. the only time i have ever envied fellas jumping off cliffs.. lol!

  • at Coco beach. that house by the cliff.. that's just luxury living

  • much as it was rocky, it was beautiful

  • the yachts in Nice are just as many as the houses there

  • enjoyed my drive up to the little village, Eze.. breathtaking

  • at Eze Village. serenity

  • appreciated everything about the place

  • lovely, isn't it!

  • went into the Chateau Eza.. very fancy i must say. had a drink and a quick nibble

  • i would have loved to stay longer but had to leave

  • finally made it to Monte Carlo, Monaco. felt like i had just realized a dream. at least i can say i have finally been

  • it's a tiny / little principality. smaller than what i was expecting

  • but lovely all the same

  • made it down to the Casino de Monte carlo. and out of curiosity went in.. it was nice to see

  • next time I hope to have more time in both cities. here's to Monte Carlo and Nice. Merci.

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  • Reply Anonymous August 25, 2016 at 8:22 pm

    Loving the post.

  • Reply Thang'wa October 15, 2016 at 7:03 am

    Immaculate is the least I can say.
    Thanks for showing us the beautiful side of life ☺

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